Sailing lessons

As is with making music, sailing is for all ages and for all levels.


2013 was a dynamic year. Together with colleague and business partner Bart Ypma, I started a new sailing school in Amsterdam at 'Jeugdland' in Amsterdam Oost. It was a young and fresh organisation, ready to serve a wide audience in Amsterdam Oost with sailing, windsurfing, canoeing and birthday parties. Under the name of our sailing school 'Nieuwe Diep' we taught children the essentials of sailing. After productive interviews and discussions with city council, we made an exploring start. Unfortunately the city council of Amsterdam, subsequently, chose to work with a different organisation to coordinate the water sports. Hence we had to stop our ambitious plans. Never the less, I still do teach sailing!

I have been teaching sailing for many years now in and around Amsterdam and on the IJsselmeer. Young children (7-12) basically learn their first sailing skills in little boats like, the so called, 'Optimists'. For kids (10+), adults and/or more advanced sailors, I offer lessons or day tours:

 - Quo Vadis. An Aloa 27. A very stable sailor, very well suited to learn the basis of sailing on a cabin yacht.

 - Marsjol. She is a very sportive, 7 metre cabin yacht, type Hunter F1. A real racer. Perfect for adding a little competition and learning more about sail trim.


The maximum group size on both ships is 4 persons.

If you would like to learn the basics of sailing or if you'd like to fine-tune your skills; if you would like a day cruise with a skipper on the IJsselmeer and enjoy visiting one of the many cosy little harbours, please feel free to contact me for more information.